Subway Surfers… An iOS Game

Information about the Game…

People were amazed at the free-to-play game Temple Run, but when Subway Surfers by Kiloo came out on the 24th of May 2012, all Temple Run fans made a switch. Awesome thing is that it’s for free from the App Store for all iOS devices.

What the game is about…

Jake is a young graffiti artist and one day, he is seen by the sherrif and his pitbull dog grafitting on a public train. Your task in this game is to help Jake escape them, but don’t worry there are many powerups to help you along the way. You need to dodge trains, shift between them and you can even jump onto them, if you have the means to. Powerups such as the Jetpack and High Jump Shoes, allow you to break the rules in this minigame, but it all comes with a cost. Collecting coins not only increases your score, but also gives you the ability to purchase upgrades and cool upgrades. That’s not all, because you can also unlock new characters by completing missions. Watch the trailer to see more or try it yourself:

What I think…

This game is so EPPIICC!! It is so fun and addictive to play, especially trying to unlock everything there is to upgrade. I thought Temple Run was awesome, but after playing this game, I thought of Temple Run as a stupid game. It is very similar to Temple Run, but somehow different. What I love about this game is that provides an awesome scene to play in, not like that in Temple Run. I actually felt very excited about how the next tunnel or train would look like. Another thing i liked about this game is that it provides more of a need to complete the missions. When I don’t complete a mission, I just can’t bear not finishing it and keep trying until I do. This differs to Temple Run, where I didn’t really care about doing missions. Enough about comparison, the graphics in this game are awesome and I loved the fact that I was able to buy new characters, with each character having different ways of beating the game. The Bouncy Shoes are so fun. At times the trains are too much and it’s such a relief when I have the shoes to easily jump over them. And as usual, with Game Centre compatibility it is so interesting to find out who out of my friends are the best at this game. No negatives, and for that reason I give Subway Surfers a 5/5 Jakes:

/5 Jakes




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